America (live)

by Dean Lombard



Live recording of America (from Bridesmaids, 2017) recorded at WeFo Studios in 2016


Oh, Americans
Clinging to their freedom like a lollipop
Getting high on the sugar while their teeth just rot
How did it begin? and tell me when will it stop?
Oh, Americans

Oh, Americans
Calling on the government to leave ’em alone
Regulating vaginas ’til the cows come home
Where did it come from? and how far will they go?
Oh, Americans 

For every Woody Guthrie there’s a dozen Joe McCarthys
You silence all your Martin Luther Kings
You turn away from greatness for the shallowest embraces
And never stop to think about for whom the bell rings

It rings for you, America
Your voice has gotten louder and your stick’s still big
You’re blowing down the houses of the little pigs
That hole’ll just get deeper for as long as you dig
Oh, America

(Copyright Dean Lombard 2014)


released December 11, 2016
Recorded and mixed by Leo Dale at WeFo Studios


all rights reserved



Dean Lombard Melbourne, Australia

Quirky and poignant songs about love, loss, politics, society, life, death, cultural imperialism, propaganda, violence and redemption. All handmade in a room full of instruments, with occasional collaborators by invitation only.

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